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Hello. It seemed that it could be even easier than breaking an egg to get its contents? What is what, and everyone knows how to do this almost from the cradle. But no, tireless inventors came up with a device here to facilitate the process.

The box, although beautiful, was wrinkled more than expected.

The kit includes the device itself and a nozzle for separating the protein from the yolk. The build quality cannot be called satisfactory. There are large gaps, flash. The plastic is not painted, which gives the impression of a semi-finished product.

The handles are spring-loaded in my opinion too much, you don’t feel the real pressure you apply…

The device itself is a clamp with a sliding lower jaw equipped with two knives.

The egg is inserted into the elastic grips. The top sponge presses the egg against the knives,

and the bottom one begins to diverge to the sides, spreading the halves of the egg.

The work can be seen on the video.

With the help of a nozzle, you can separate the yolk from the protein. Here the work is already somewhat easier than it would be done by hand.

There are also design flaws – the upper sponge is a little short and there is no soft lining, sometimes, if the shell comes across strong, it happens.

Category 0 eggs are best, they have fewer misfires.
It is also stated that the device prints boiled eggs. But for this you need to try very hard. I could not get.

Few people will call such a device useful, but all the same, lovers of technical things buy it. If anyone is interested, you can buy cheaper elsewhere from $2.90.

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