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The jubilee (tenth) technological summit of Turkcell, where the company presented its latest developments, including 5G devices and technologies, to partners was the formal informational reason for the trip of a group of Ukrainian journalists.

The figure 1440 ran like a red thread through the speeches at the summit. This is the number of minutes in a day. And the strategic intentions of Turkcell are to be present all this time next to its consumer. This somehow echoes the statement of the CEO of Netflix, who said that he is the main competitor of his company. dream.

One of the most interesting technological innovations of the summit was the unmanned minibus of the French company Easy Mile, which we have already written about. In this case, this minibus used Ericsson’s 5G equipment, which means that the bus will communicate with dozens of similar buses in the city of the near future. The bus is designed for 12 passengers (6 seats), it does not have any controls visible from the passenger compartment. Theoretically, he is able to reach speeds of 45-50 kilometers per hour, but at the summit he drove his way about 200 meters at a speed of 8 kilometers per hour, not least in order to have time to tell at least something about this miracle to the guides.

Uses GPS, lidar and 5G network in its work. Designed for leisurely trips between airport and train terminals, moving around student campuses and within exhibition centers.

At the summit, one could see a curious demonstration of the possibilities of 5G networks: one could sit behind the wheel of a simulator and drive a real car located thousands of kilometers from the stand. At the same time, data from the cameras on the car was broadcast on three huge monitors in front of the driver. Thus, we wanted to visually show the minimum lag in 5G networks. To be fair, the car wasn’t driving on a race track at all, its route was more like a parking exercise in the city.

And this is a drone capable of hovering in the air and distributing a 5G network. Such is the ultra-mobile base station. True, its flight time is, to put it mildly, limited, so it looks more like technology for the sake of technology. But the data transfer rate allows you to broadcast a 360-degree video stream from a camera suspended from the drone.

Another drone demonstrated a real-time object recognition system. Image recognition technologies are used not only in smartphone cameras. This image shows that in addition to people, the system is able to detect objects such as a cup or a tie in the frame.

The spoiled Ukrainian consumer will not be surprised by the spectacular interior of an electronics store. Citrus, Comfy, MOYO – all of them already practice both open display of goods and stylish design inside the point of sale. But it was still interesting to see what the operator’s retail store in Turkey looks like. Our operators still have room to grow.

Of the interesting inside the store was the interior, which imitates the street environment. There is a table with free access to smartphones in the form of an old tram, and a trade stand in the form of a street fast food stall. And a round sofa with chargers for visitors’ phones. It was also surprising to meet a coffee machine that prepared Turkish coffee in a special Turk. And on the street there was food for street cats (in Turkey they have a special attitude).

Turkcell’s headquarters is located away from the historical center of Istanbul and is located in one high-rise building. The balconies offer wonderful views of the city and the seas, and inside the office there are two Starbucks coffee shops.

The head office of Turkcell occupies a complex of three high-rise buildings. One of them is adjacent to the Bosch office, which occupies the 2 upper floors of the building. We were at a meeting with top managers of Turkcell on the floor for receiving delegations with a huge balcony and a wall with milestones on the company’s path – a separate point there is the launch of the Ukrainian operator life:). If you look at the latest achievements of the coming years on it, then BiP’s own messenger, the Paycell payment system, is striking (by the way, it will be launched in Ukraine in June and there will be separate Paycell bank cards with it). Turkcell also has its own voice assistant and search engine called Yaani. During a speech at the summit, Turkcell CEO Murat Erkan used the app to make coffee with a voice command and a Wi-Fi connected coffee maker. God knows what a technological breakthrough these days, but do you know many companies that can develop their own voice assistant with artificial intelligence elements?

From the floor for top managers, amazingly beautiful views of both the city itself and the sea open up. The building stands on a hill, so the 9th floor looks like the 30th. By the way, this is a great explanation why a similar business center housed a lifecell office until the last year (obviously, it was not without nostalgia). There is no sea there, but the views of Kyiv were appropriate.

A couple of floors below there is another similar balcony, next to which there is a real Starbucks, working especially for Turkcell employees. The layout reminded me a lot of the Citrus head office in Odessa along with a local cafe called Tsedra. The café has arcade games and a pool table. Ukrainian journalists managed to play a couple of games.